5/24 (Tuesday) The gentle are blessed,

The gentle are blessed,
for they will inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:5



Moreover Jesus is told to continue.


“Meek person is happy. Its people because inherit the earth.” He said.


The word this meek is

Is a word that Yakuseru as “condescending” and “humility”.


If more descriptive say easy,

You might say that a kind person.


Just say the friendly people in the Japanese,

I feel somewhere flaccidness,

Because here of meekness is,

Not a feeble tenderness.


Because meekness is,

In the Old Testament

To say that the greatest was a good Moses of nature.


The place called the Old Testament of people Numbers in,

“Moses was very humble and surpasses anyone on the ground.”

It has been written.



Israel of the people,

According to God

It was a leader who was Exodus.


He is 40 years,

As a prince in Egypt

The best life

After studying the best of the emperor science,

It would kill the Egyptians to help the Jewish brethren,

He fled to the wilderness

I would spend 40 years in the wilderness.



40 years of this wilderness

And surpasses anyone him on the ground

Very humble person, I was in a meek person.


You also maybe now,

It might be in the desert.


And for a long time, it has been allowed to the wilderness,

Patience might have become a likely cut.



Even if it is to you I do not understand now,

It is a place to truly meek humble people you.


After always through the wilderness,

We have a place to inherit that God us to prepare.


Inheritance land that give us of God,

The land to inherit,

In this age of the end,

As we continue to receive through the wilderness.


Humility and meekness

Wearing in the wilderness that God has been forgiven.

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