Jesus Christ, that must stay at yours

“Zacchaeus, hurry and come down,
for I must stay at your house today.”
                                             Luke 19:5

There was a man named Zacchaeus in Jericho.
He was the head of a tax collector and he was rich.
At that time, tax collectors had been despised by Jews.
Although it is a Jew, it takes taxes from its people,
It was a job to pay to Rome.
And many people spend more taxes
They were in their own pockets, that is, they were pimping.
So I was disliked.
Jesus came to Jericho.
It is captured by the people, and now the popular jesus Jesus is coming through.
Zacchaeus tried to see who Jesus was,
I was too short to see for the crowd.
If you understand it
No one could help him to see.
So he ran forward to see Jesus,
I climbed a fig tree.
At that time, just Jesus
I was about to pass there.
Jesus just came there,
I looked up and said to him.
“Zacchaeus. Come down quickly.
I have decided to stay at your house today. ”
Zacchaeus comes down in a hurry,
And he greeted Jesus with great joy.
However, people look at this
“He went to a sinner and became a customer.”
I muttered saying.

Jesus Christ can not see people in appearance.
I am short and I am a tax collector
Everyone hated and lonely
I was watching the heart of Zakai.
When I was told to stay at your house,
I think I was really happy.

If you feel lonely now,
Disliked by people
Even if they were left behind,
Jesus is
I will come to you.
He does not look and judge the appearance.