Encounter with Jesus makes us renewed

“Today salvation has come to this house,
since he also is a son of Abraham.
For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”
                                                          Luke 19:9-10

At Zacchaeus who was a tax collector,
Jesus came to stay.
People often say that
“He went to a sinner and became a customer.”
I muttered saying.
However, Zacchaeus stands up,
I said to the Lord Jesus.
“Oh, please see.
I give half of my property to the poor.
Also from everyone,
I’ll quadruple back what I cheated. ”
Jesus said to him.
“The salvation came to this house today.
Because this is also the son of Abraham.
The son of man is
I have come to seek and save the lost. ”

Zacchaeus is
I have spent my life
I thought it was okay to lose property.
He met Jesus and he was changed.
I met my true love for the first time.
I do not see myself alone
He was changed when he met real love.

you too
When we meet this Jesus Christ,
I know true love.

At that time, you will be totally renewed.