Entry into Jesusalem on Donkey

The Lord has need of it.
                                  Luke 19:31,34

The purpose of Jesus Christ coming to earth is
We are substituted for human sin
Take on the cross and accept the curse
It was to receive punishment and judgment.
In the last week it takes to cross
I will enter Jerusalem.
People say “Hosana, Hosana”
I am greeted with joy.
At that time Jesus got on,
I was a son of a donkey.
The son of that donkey is
Jesus puts two disciples in use
“Go to the other village.
If you are there,
No one has ever got on,
You will notice that the donkey’s child is connected.
Take it off and bring it with you.
If there is a person who asks “Why, why not?”
Say this:
“The Lord is in need”
When two people put out for use go and see,
As Jesus spoke,
As they untie the donkey’s child,
The owner
“Why untie this donkey child?”
I told them that
The disciples said, “The Lord is in need.”
It was the son of the donkey who brought me saying that.

The Lord Jesus is
At the time of the last Jerusalem admission on earth,
I was chosen not a horse but a donkey child.
It was not good for any donkey son,
Over there in the village
No one has ever got on
It was a donkey child.

The Lord Jesus also says to you.
“I need you.”
Not the next person or the next person,
You need to be there.
“The Lord is welcome.”
Let’s answer the Lord’s invitation.

In this late age,
The Lord is riding
I will walk the way of the Lord’s mission.