Glory seen by the child donkey, whom Jesus Christ boarded on

…they brought it to Jesus,
                            Luke 19:35

When the disciples brought the child Donkey with the purpose of Jesus Christ to enter Jerusalem,
they spread their coats on the donkey and Jesus board on it.
When Jesus goes,
People put their coats on the road
Willingly start to praise God aloud,
I said this.
“Bless you.
To the king who comes in the name of the LORD.
Peace in the heavens. Glory is at the highest place. ”
Then some of the Pharisees,
From the crowd towards Jesus
“Teacher. Speak disciples.”
Jesus answered it
“I tell you.
If these people shut up, the rocks will cry. ”
They said.
People head for Jesus
I praised it loudly,
The son of the donkey heard it together.

Donkeys usually carry luggage,
I will keep working all day to work.
However, “The Lord is for you”
According to the words said
When I came to the Lord,
Have the jacket put on,
Walk on people’s jackets
From many people
I heard a voice of praise to the Lord.
of course,
All that is to the Lord Jesus.
But to that grace,
The son of the donkey could also be deposited.

for you too
When it is said, “The Lord is welcome,”
According to your words,
If you start walking with the Lord,
In your life
It would never happen normally
Great things happen.

The invitation of Jesus Christ
Respond to the words, so let’s go.