The Most Marvelous Answer

Render therefore unto Caesar the things 
which be Caesar’s, and unto God 
the things which be God’s.
                                       Luke 20:25

Somehow get Jesus caught,
There were those who wanted to hand over to the rulership and authority of the governor.
They send someone while posing as a righteous
Let’s take up the words of Jesus,
I asked Jesus and asked.
“Teacher. We will talk to you,
Right to be taught,
Also, you do not divide
I know that he teaches the way of God based on the truth.
By the way, we
To pay taxes to a caisal
Is it appropriate to the law?
Isn’t that something wrong? ”
Jesus saw them and told them.
“Show me the Denari silver coin.
Who is this portrait? Who is it? ”
When they answer, “It’s a caisal,”
They were told:
“Now, please return the caesar’s to the causal.
And return God’s things to God. ”
When they heard this answer, they amazed and shut up,
I could not catch the word of Jesus in front of the people.

Jesus’ wisdom is deep and high.
You are afraid of people
What to say,
There is no need to worry about answering.

The Lord Jesus was always with me,
I will give you the best answer and wisdom.