The Best Offering

For all these have of their abundance
cast in unto the offerings of God:
but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.
                                        Luke 21:4


Jesus Christ,
When you see people giving money,
Rich people were throwing donations in the donation box.
A poor wife came there,
I saw I was throwing two Repta bronzes.
At that time Jesus said.
“I tell you the truth.
This poor wife is
I threw in more than anyone.
Everybody threw in donations out of the abundance,
From this poor woman,
Because I threw in all the living expenses I had. ”

Even if there are two leptas,
This was all the living expenses of this person.
She threw everything in.

Jesus Christ sees that heart.
It is different from saying that at least your heart is good.
This widow dedicated all of himself.
Jesus was pleased with that heart.

Delighted for God,
Dedicate all of your important things,
I was pleased with that heart.