Forgiveness by Jesus, interceding on the Cross

Father forgive them
for they know not what they do
                                         Luke 23:34


Jesus Christ on the cross,
I spoke and prayed for the seven words.
The first thing I said was this prayer.
This prayer is not to pray once,
It seems that he was prayed repeatedly.
When Jesus was crucified,
The disciples ran away.
People spit towards Jesus
“If you are a child of God, come down”
I was angry and was laughing.
But Jesus prayed like this.

“Father, please forgive them.
They do not know for themselves what they are doing. ”

On the cross,
Jesus’ suffering and pain were extreme.
I hit my hands with nails,
The crown of the rose was put on the head.
Jesus’ back was beaten and blood was flowing out.
The back was covered with a rough cross.
Moreover, Jesus was betrayed by his disciples,
It was scolded by people and it was really lonely.
It was natural to scream.
It is normal to feel embarrassed.
But also Jesus screams,
Without waking up,
For those who are crucifying and crucifying themselves,
For the disciples who ran away,
And for all people,
No, for you and me
I prayed to Father God.
In the limit of this pain and pain and loneliness …

“Father, please forgive them.”

I am jealous of them.
They do not know what they are doing.
I will accept all their punishment and judgment.
So please forgive them their sins.

This is love.
By this love
You and I are being deceived.

If you believe this Jesus as Christ,
It is saved by this cross.