Jesus, entered into paradise, forgiving everything immediately

Verily I say unto thee,
To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.
                                      Luke 23:43

Jesus was crucified with the criminals.
One of the criminals is to the right of Jesus, one to the left.
Then Jesus is
“Father, please forgive them.
They don’t know what they are doing. ”
I was prayed.
The criminals who were crucified,
Together with the people and leaders
Bad words to Jesus
“Aren’t you a Christ? Save yourself and us.”
I was saying that.

However, one of the two is
Listen to this prayer,
I noticed while watching that figure.
This one is different.
It is different from us.
This person is not a criminal.
He continues to beat another criminal
I said without saying.
“Aren’t you afraid of God?
Are you not receiving the same punishment?
It is natural because you are getting rewarded for what you did.
But this one did not do anything bad. ”
And he turned to Jesus.
When you arrive in your kingdom,
Remember me. “When.
No matter what you said
Jesus who could not answer silently,
Without putting in my hair
I was told by him.
“I really tell you.
You are today,
I am in paradise with me. ”

Enough to be crucified so far,
This man who has been a villainy,
Human beings
You probably knew that you didn’t like it.

But on this cross,
Real love for the first time,
I met a true prayer.
He first met the holy
I met my righteousness and I met my love.

Jesus Christ is
He is a true god and the only Savior
I noticed.
He noticed his sin and repented.
But to Jesus Christ
Please bring yourself to heaven with me,
I couldn’t say that.
So if you went to heaven,
I told you to remember me.
It was a cry and wish for his heart that really repented.

At that moment, what ever I said
No matter how foolish and foolish,
Jesus who never answered and could not answer
It was answered immediately.
“You are today,
I am in paradise with me. ”
This is Christ.
This word “today” is
It is a word that can be translated as “now”.
From this moment on you are deceived
Became a paradise with me,
From the pain of suffering on this cross,
You are in heaven.

you too
In the words of Jesus’ cross
Please listen.
Then you will know clearly.
I love you.
The immense forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ.

And you too
Let’s cry out to Jesus Christ.
“Please make me think”.
that moment,
You will be with Heavenly, with Jesus
You will be given eternal life.