We became children of God when the curtain of the sanctuary was split in two from top to bottom

and when Jesus had cried with a loud voice,
he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit :
and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.
                              Luke 23:46


It was at 9 am that Jesus was crucified.
Three hours later,
At that time it was already around 12 o’clock,
The whole land gets dark,
The darkness continued until three o’clock.
The sun had lost light.
At that time, the curtain of the temple split into two halves.
Jesus yelled and said,
“Father, I will hand over my spirit”
Saying this, I was taken breath.
The Hundred Captain who saw this event praises God
“In fact, this person was the right one”

The curtain of the temple was very big.
In the curtain, only once a year
A high priest comes in as a representative of the people.
That is where God is present.
The fact that the thick curtain was split into two
Anyone anytime, anywhere,
To be in the presence of God
It means that you can do it.

In other words,
By the cross of Jesus Christ
The partition between our sinful human being and God is taken,
Anyone who believes in this cross is always
It became possible to interact with God.
So we are boldly
In the name of Jesus Christ,
You can always pray to the Father God.