The bond of the couple is by the cross of Christ

And if one prevail against him,
two shall withstand him and
a threefold cord is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:12

If you are alone, give up,
Problems and difficulties that are likely to be thrown out,
With two people, the courage to come up with tension comes up.
More than three thread
It is easy to break and becomes stronger.

When a couple is given a child,
It is said that the bond between the couple becomes stronger.
That is not a mistake.
But if couples are connected by children,
What will happen to couples without children?
Also not as a wife as a husband,
Is a married couple who is connected as a father and a mother a true figure?

With three yarns,
My husband, my wife and Jesus Christ.
When putting up the cross of Jesus Christ between husband and wife,
Two are united by true love.
It is the power to forgive and receive each other
Jesus Christ is
Because it is given from the top of the cross.

Between you too
Please put the cross of Jesus Christ.
From there I will be united in deep love.