Jesus Christ is alive in you

And he said,
Who art thou, Lord?
And the Lord said,
I am Jesus whom
thou persecutest:
Acts 9:5

Saul, who agreed to capture and kill Christians,
Head for Damasco because of Christian persecution.
However, in the middle of the road he was lit by light, and he fell to the ground
“Saul, Saul. Why do you persecute me?”
I hear the voice.
When he asks, “Lord. Who are you?”
“I am Jesus you are persecuting”
There was an answer.
After this, Saul was saved and changed to Paul
It becomes an apostle who preachs Jesus Christ to the whole world.

At this time, it was a Christian that Saul was persecuting.
However, the Lord Jesus
You answered that you are persecuted Jesus.
In other words, to persecute Christians
It is persecuting Jesus Christ.
It’s a Christian,
It is because Jesus Christ is alive.

When you believe in Jesus Christ,
Jesus Christ is
I will come into you, live and work.

Jesus Christ is
I will be with you forever.