Jesus the Lord shows His Love through you

Go thy way:
for he is a chosen vessel unto me,
to bear my name before the Gentiles,
and kings, and the children of Israel.
Acts 9:15

Saul who has fallen in the light
I can not see anything
People pull their hands,
I took it to Damasco.
He was blind for three days,
I did not eat and drink again.

The Lord opened Saul’s eyes,
To be used as a god vessel
I am commanded to a disciple named Ananias in Damasco.
Come and visit Sauro and pray.
Saul was famous as a persecutor,
Ananias hesitates,
The Lord said:
That person is my name,
Carry before the Gentiles, the kings, the descendants of Israel,
It is my choice of vessel.
For him in my name
How much do I have to suffer?
I will show him. ”

Ananya went out there,
Enter the house,
I put my hand on Saul and said,
“Brother Saul.
The Lord Jesus who appeared on the way you came,
I was sent.
You will see again
It is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. ”
Then immediately
Something like this falls from the eyes of Saul,
I can see my eyes,
He stands up, is baptized, and eats.
The former noticed him for several days
After being with Damascus’s disciples,
Immediately, in each synagogue,
Jesus begins to preach that he is the Son of God.

In order to use Sauro,
A disciple named Ananias, who was in Damasco,
The Lord Jesus was used.

The Lord who illuminated the light
To touch Saul directly
It is possible.
Ananias was used.

God is also in this era
It is possible to show yourself directly.
Using me
Touch people
Jesus Christ
I live and work now,
How much you love that person
You will come to me.

What kind of grace is it?