Jesus Christ is the Light, that overcame the darkness

And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not.
John 1:5

Any small light shines in the dark.
I illuminate the surroundings with that little light.
Darkness can not overcome light.
The light always wins the darkness.

In the darkest darkness of our lives
There are times when it seems like you are walking.

Jesus Christ is the light itself.
This person has a life, and this life is the light of man.

The light of Jesus Christ
When you have in your heart,
From your heart,
And darkness will disappear from your life.

People have the darkness of sin,
Jesus Christ is
Became a substitute for the darkness of our sins
Hang on the cross, read, go to hell,
Destroy the dark power of hell
It was resurrected and won.

you too,
When you believe in this person and welcome you
The light of Christ comes to your heart,
The life of victory begins.