His promise is absolutely fulfilled at His promised place

Do not leave Jerusalem,
but wait for the gift my Father promised,
which you have heard me speak about.
Acts 1:4

After Jesus suffered from the cross,
For forty days after his resurrection, he appeared to his disciples,
Speaking of the kingdom of God, with a lot of solid evidence,
The apostles showed that they were alive.

The disciples are at the time of the cross,
I said that I did not know Jesus and ran away,
I’ve been betrayed.
But the disciples,
The Lord Jesus still loves,
Without leaving as a disciple,
I continued to choose.
However, as it is,
As disciple,
Complete the mission as an apostle
I can not do it very much.
So Jesus ordered them to do this.
“Don’t leave Jerusalem,
Wait for the Father’s promise I heard from me.
John baptized with water,
For you are baptized with the Holy Spirit. ”

By all means the Father, as promised,
Gives the papter of the Holy Spirit.
If it is given, receive the power,
As disciples, as apostles
You will be able to live on your mission.
So until then,
Do not leave this Jerusalem,
It was said.
And yes,
When the disciples stayed in Jerusalem,
They are baptized by the Holy Spirit,
I will change my mission completely.
When you feel weakness or lack of power,
When I think it’s no good anymore
Remember the promise of the Lord Jesus.
Do not run away from the place where the Lord was placed,
Please believe in your promise.

Surely the Lord Jesus Christ is
It is time to fulfill that promise.