From a misplaced life to a blessed life

Acts 2:38

The disciples who poured the Holy Spirit,
Boldly talk the gospel to the people who gathered
Finally Peter said,
“So, all the people of Israel
You must know this clearly.
That is, God
This Jesus who was now the Lord and Christ,
You were crucified. ”
People hear this Peter’s message,
Stuck my heart, to Peter and the other apostles
“Brothers. What should we do?”
I heard that.
At that time, Peter first said
Jesus Christ also “repent”
The mission was started saying
Disciple Peter,
First of all, I said “Repentance”.

Repentance is not to repent.
I’m not going to regret it forever.

Before the Lord God
Admit your sins,
Admit yourself to be a sinner,
Apologize before the Lord.
And it is to decide not to sin any more.

The word “sin” is
In the original Greek, it means “misplaced”.
Do not believe in Jesus Christ,
Living on the back of God
Because I have removed the target,
No matter how hard you live, you can pass each other,
It will not go well.
More than sinners
It may be easier to understand if you say.
Jesus Christ,
The gap is off target
For you and my sin,
Accept all punishments, judgments, curses,
Be your substitute
Be my substitute
Dead on the cross, read to hell
I went there.

We will never
Suffering for sin and not going to hell,
To live happily happily
Christ took on the pain.
You acknowledge the sins that are off your target,
When you repent in front of the cross,
You have eternal life,
Get into a whole new life.

When you repent,
In a blessed life that shoots a target
You will be able to walk in grace.